3 Interesting Facts About the New Apple Pay

Apple is known globally as an innovator in technology and beyond. With the release of their highly anticipated iPhone 6 on September 19th, comes a new form of mobile payment called Apple Pay. This groundbreaking technology will allow users to checkout at millions of merchants worldwide just by scanning their iPhone. Users’ credit or debit card information is stored securely within iPhone’s passbook. Utilizing iPhone’s Touch ID system, Apple Pay is a safe and easy way to complete transactions.

With Apple Pay, digging around for your credit or debit card is a thing of the past. Retailers will have a small device on their card reader that will allow shoppers to simply place the back of their iPhone near it, just as they would swipe a card. The iPhone will then give off a subtle vibration when the payment has been accepted. All transactions will be kept completely private, as the Apple Pay system will not store receipts electronically.

Using iPhone’s original Touch ID technology, Apple Pay is a super secure way to submit payment. The home button on the iPhone reads its owner’s unique fingerprint, eliminating fraud. Users will no longer need to worry about stolen credit or debit cards, as their fingerprint is one of a kind. In addition, users’ data is never stored on cloud-based systems. This makes data even more secure than a standard debit or credit card.

Apple Pay will revolutionize the way consumers and merchants interact. With traditional plastic debit and credit cards falling prey to data hackers more and more, mobile payment is the way of the future. Using your one of a kind fingerprint will keep data thieves at bay.

Since so many people have multiple credit or debit cards, searching for the right one at the right time can be a pain. Apple Pay stores users’ cards in the Passbook app, meaning you will never have to worry about using the wrong one. In-app purchases can also be made with Apple Pay, making the App Store more streamlined and convenient than ever.

Apple Pay is easy to use, secure, and convenient for all occasions. Always on the pulse of technology trends, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will begin a mobile payment revolution that is sure to be felt world wide. Using cutting edge tech tailored to each individual user, Apple Pay is a game changer that is sure to impress.

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