4 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Business Owners

You make your livelihood with your small business; don’t run the risk of hackers misusing the data and even your finances that you’ve accumulated through that small business! Here are four simple cybersecurity tips for small business owners.

4. Antivirus For All

Make sure your business network is well protected by antivirus software – viruses can be annoying and disruptive for individuals, but they can be truly problematic for small businesses, which tend to deal with much larger amounts of data than individual computer users.

3. Control Physical Network Access

All of the antivirus in the world won’t do much good if a potential attacker has access to even one of your computers. While you can implement a Miami ADT alarm system for the doors and windows of your business, you should keep a close eye on the screens, keyboards, mice, and USB drives of your company’s computers, as breaking in and stealing information is very easy with immediate physical access.

2. Secure your Wifi Network

If your small business runs a wifi network, make sure you’ve changed all relevant passwords on your router and wireless network; one easy point of entry for potential hackers is using the default password that comes with your wireless hardware. Make your network a difficult one to hack and you’ve got the equivalent of a good lock and key.

1. Make Backups

Back up your data constantly! Do so to both physical external hard drives and online backup services. Your information is the cornerstone of your business, and you’ll have to deal with a lot of angry customers if you lose that information. Backups help you keep track of where your data is all the time, enabling you to focus on the many aspects of the day to day work of your business.

Technological security is as important as home security for your small business. We’ll be glad to give you advice while installing your ADT home security in Miami – just give us a call for more information!

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