4 Tips For Mobile Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit card payments at your local event can make it easier to market and sell your products. Through mobile credit card processing, you can accept and authorize payments at local events with the added options of sending email receipts to your customers. To ensure a smooth event, you must ensure that you can accept payments from customers interested in your products and services.

How Mobile Credit Card Processing Works?

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used for processing payments. One option is to manually enter credit card information into the mobile merchant account. The other option is to purchase a small hardware that collects information from swiped cards.

Service fee for mobile merchant account varies with provider. While the apps are offered for free, service providers usually charge a percentage of the transaction. When selecting a mobile merchant, you must consider security options to protect your sales. It is best to sign up for a reputable mobile merchant service.

1. Collect and enter credit card information via the mobile merchant account.
2. Authorize the payment. Wait for the merchant account to scan the credit card information that you provide. The processor will then charge the account.
3. Email receipt to the customer.

Here are some tips for mobile credit card processing that can make your event successful:

Tip 1: Charge Mobile Device

Keep your mobile device fully charged. As you intend to process payments via a mobile device or tablet computer, it is important to keep the device charged. You can use intervals during the event to plug in the charge and restore device power.

Tip 2: Train Employees

Train employees prior to the event. The event is a busy day that leaves no time for training. As such, your employees must learn how to process credit card payments before the event day. Make sure that everyone handling the sales knows how to process payments, send receipts and issue refunds.

Tip 3 Inform Your Customers

The ability to accept payments via mobile devices proves immensely beneficial for an event. However, your customers may not be aware of this payment service. As such, you should inform the attendees about the service if you want it to be effective. You can also display a professional sign that informs customers about the mobile payment options that let them purchase products right at the booth without the need for cash.

Tip 4 Order Extra Inventory

If you are hosting the first event using credit card processing, you should consider ordering some extra inventory. You’ll be surprised at the boost in sales that can be realized by virtue of simplified payment options.

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