5 Savvy Ways to Save Money

Whether the economy is booming or in a depressed-state, most people do at least think about ways to save money. Whether you are saving up to improve your business (such as implementing credit card processing services) or saving up for that long-awaited family vacation, saving money is important. We all need a nest egg for any given situation that was completely unexpected. So below are five very savvy ways to save money and improve your financial stability:

1. Utilize gas savings programs – The gas pump prices have been pretty ridiculous for a while. Many people are deciding to share cars, use public transportation, etc. However, for those of us that are not able to take alternate options, there are a lot of fuel-savings programs out there, such as the partnership between Winn-Dixie and Shell Gas called Fuel Perks. Last time I went to the pump, I received $1.30 off the gas price. It really helps.

2. Set-up Automatic Payments – When the money is already gone you can’t spend it. If you have direct deposit for your paycheck, try your best to schedule all your payments a day or two after the date you should receive your direct deposit. The payments will quickly clear, and you will be left with your “true earnings” so you can better assess what is really worth spending the rest of your cash on. You may even decide it’s more worth it to save what’s left over.

3. Never be impulsive about large purchases – Whether it’s a new TV or a vacation home, do your research! Regardless of your level of wealth, it is important to shop smart. Don’t just buy something because you think you can. Appreciate your possessions and appreciate the time it takes for you to properly choose them. Be sure to check out certain fees in your area as well, since it may be more advantageous to shop online. If you live in Washington, for example, Seattle credit card processing fees, may be so high, that it’s better to avoid those fees and shop online.

4. Coupons are not the Enemy – You should always be actively searching for deals. Why pay full-price for something when you can get a discount? Again, no matter how wealthy you may be, saving money is always awesome and there is no reason to pay 10 times as much just to say you purchased it from a famous boutique.

5. Utilize fans, space heaters, etc. in your home – It is not always necessary to heat or cool your entire home. If you live in a large home with just a couple people (maybe your spouse and child,) use fans and space heaters in each room at night rather than cooling or heating the entire house. Believe me, your stove is not going to sleep poorly.

Are there any ways in which you have saved your family money by being savvy? Share your tips below by commenting!


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