7 Easy ways to save on Groceries

If you go grocery shopping every week, you start to notice how much money you actually spend on groceries. It is not easy to put stuff back that you have already placed in your cart, but do you really need those Oreo cookies? Think about it, every time you go into the grocery store you go for a purpose, but you normally come out with more than what you went in for. And many people don’t even acknowledge the fact that their prices may be inflated sue to credit card processing services, if the company chooses to pass on those fees to you. It will depend heavily on their merchant services account and the fees they are charged there. Here are seven easy ways you can save on groceries.

1. Never go HUNGRY – If you are hungry and you go grocery shopping, you are more likely to buy more food than you really need. We tend to eat with our eyes and everything looks good when you are hungry. So make sure you go grocery shopping with a full belly.

2. Make a List – Making a list will help eliminate getting things that you do not really need. Make sure to stick the list.

3. Look for Specials – Each week most grocery stores offer specials on certain items, see if you any of these specials are needed for your house and put them on your list. You can save when meats and other items are on sale.

4. Coupons – If you get the newspaper get your coupons cut and take them with you, a few pennies can go a long way. If you do not get a newspaper, there are plenty of websites that you can print coupons from.

5. Compare Prices – Sometimes a name brand item will cost more just for the name, but most generic brands have the same ingredients for a lot less.

6. Use a Discount Card – Not all Grocery stores offer a discount card but if your grocery store offers this, then get it. It’s free and it will give you a percentage off certain items.

7. Buy One, Get One Free – Look online for your local grocery store. They will have an ad with what specials they have for the week and most grocery stores now have “buy one, get one” free specials.

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