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SkyBank Financial is the leader in electronic payment processing for small, mid-sized and institutional companies in the United States. Our secure solution enables companies to easily conduct transactions with credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, ACH debit services, e-commerce through virtual terminals, recurring payments and a range of other processing services. With hundreds of millions of dollars processed annually through our partner payment network, we have consistently proven that our clients benefit from using our secure technology. Our technology partners include First Data
Corporation, a Fortune 500 company processing for Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Amazon and over five million other merchants.

Our Customers

Our starting point is to offer the absolute lowest cost for our customers to process electronic payments. Experts from our company specialize in searching for creative solutions to ensure the industry’s lowest pricing, whether for accepting credit and debit card transactions, checks, virtual checks, online payments, gift cards or any of the other services we offer. Beyond this, our answer to providing superior customer satisfaction rests in single-mindedly seeking out the unique requirements of each customer, and then providing solutions that surpass expectations. Our corporate culture is born out of a pursuit to provide extraordinary customer satisfaction at all times, from the initial contact to, if necessary, service provided by our 24/7 help desk. As a result, we are proud of being consistently recognized for having among the lowest attrition rates in the industry. Our complete portfolio of products and services enable us to process for companies of all sectors – from traditional street-side retailers to e-commerce businesses selling online, professional services companies such as medical clinics and veterinarians to law firms and psychologists, from global exporters to high-risk merchants. Whatever the sector, our commitment is to ensure reliable and secure systems to manage the sensitive world of transactions.

Our People

An essential element of our corporate culture is the constant investment in our people. Our obsession with satisfying customers demands this approach, and it is critical to our purpose of providing the highest standard of quality service. By continuing to train employees at all levels of our company, we are better positioned to guide our customers to select the right solution, at the right time to meet their needs. And if additional support is required, our people are pleased to share their knowledge as they resolve any outstanding issues.

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