Android Credit Card Processing

There is a continuous need for business owners, especially those running small businesses, to keep looking for services that facilitate growth of their business. As a business owner you would have by now realized that people these days are wary of carrying cash; they would rather pay by a credit or debit card. If your business, no matter how small it is, does not accept cards, you are actually restricting growth.

The good news is that you can now easily start accepting credit cards and all that you need is an Android phone and an Android credit processing service provider. It is an ideal solution for people who sell in flea markets, provide in-home services or services on the go. With Android credit card processing you get paid on the spot from your cell phone.

It works like this. You log into the Android credit card processing service provider through your phone, enter the amount to be charged, enter credit card information manually or by swiping the credit card and tap the charge. Within seconds you receive confirmation and depending upon the Android credit card processing plan, you get an option of either to email or text or print a receipt.

The benefits of credit card processing on the go are evident but what is not clearly obvious to many is that it gives your buyer a message; a message that you are proactive and no matter what, you will go to great lengths to provide your customers with a delightful experience.

Now that you know that applications exist for Android credit card processing, you naturally want to use the best. The best, as we all know, is about getting the desired service at the minimum possible cost. Most applications are free but what you are worried about is Android credit card processing rates. Rates in this case depend upon the range of services and the scope of your business.

One of the best pricing models is a flat per-transaction fee; authorization, keyed-in and swiping fees are all put together in one rate per transaction. However, the monthly service fee depends upon the volume of your business and how you will be accepting credit cards. You can get away with zero service fees but it will mean you do not get all the services on offer. You will have to manually enter card information instead of getting a card reader and you may not also be able to monitor transactions. Also keep in mind that if monthly volumes do not sustain the service fee, you might have to pay the difference.

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