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Quick Ways to Squander Cash: Avoiding Negative Lending Outlets

When you need to borrow money in a desperate situation, it is easy to make quick, and not very well thought out, decisions. Typically these decisions include a quick fix loan that carries a high interest rate, astronomical fees and … Continue reading

National Retail Federation Opposing Visa/MC Fee Settlement

Recently, Visa and Mastercard, along with some major banks, proposed a settlement of $7.25 billion dollars. The settlement was restitution for retailers that had been victims of alleged fee fixing. The National Retail Federation is now publicly opposing the settlement. … Continue reading

Prepaid Debit Cards Gain Popularity as People Focus on Reducing Debt

Javelin Strategy & Research, a California-based market research firm, is reporting that prepaid debit card use is on the rise. This comes as no surprise considering the rise in credit card processing services and the decline in most people’s desire … Continue reading

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