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Avoid These Six Common Credit Card Processing Mistakes Made By Many Small Business Owners

With the Internet playing such a major part of our personal and business worlds, credit cards are used more than ever. Small business owners realize that credit card processing services are a necessity if they’re to remain competitive, which is … Continue reading

Guide to Selecting the Right Credit Card

Credit cards can be the most useful items in anybody’s wallet. Florida credit card processing companies are now offering more services than ever including such things as cash back, identity theft protection and even travel insurance. However a lot of … Continue reading

Small Business Versus Corporate Credit Cards

Many companies compare business credit cards versus corporate credit cards. While small business owners are usually the target market for business credit cards, larger organizations such as corporations or governments take advantage of so-called corporate credit cards. The usually higher … Continue reading

Difference Between Credit Card and Line of Credit

When running a business, it is often necessary to open a credit account. With an established credit profile, a business owner can buy products and services on credit and build the company. With that being said, there are multiple lines … Continue reading

How Do Credit Cards Affect Your Credit Score?

A credit score is a numerical description of a consumer’s integrity when paying back debt. Whether a consumer buys boots at a department store or pays for a large repair bill, credit card use affects a credit score each day. … Continue reading

Debt Consolidation Explained

Debt consolidation is always a hot topic, as most individuals carry some degree of debt they would like to manage better. The simplification of credit card processing has made accruing some debt simple, or even necessary. However, the topic of … Continue reading

Advantages of Applying for a Business Credit Card

A business credit card is the best option for making transactions that benefit the company. In fact, transactions including taking the clients to lunch, purchasing office supplies and filling up the company car fuel tank are all beneficial ways of … Continue reading

Tips for College Students and Credit Cards

From studying for weeks on end to hosting club hangouts, college students have a lot to juggle. On top of school, work and play, students receive a constant barrage of credit card offers promising low interest and high rewards. Traditional … Continue reading

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