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New Mobile App Rules from the PCI Council

A new report from the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is urging device manufacturers and software developers to only create applications that allow for encryption and other security features for payment processing services. The new report, entitled “PCI Mobile … Continue reading

Accepting Credit Cards As a Traveling Professional

For some people, their career of choice takes them all over the globe. When you are constantly traveling or even just taking your business to a location near by, it’s important to offer your clients multiple ways to pay you. … Continue reading

The Top Three Apps to Manage your Small Business Finances

When you run a small business, the finances are one of the most important aspects of running the company. If your finances aren’t organized, it’s likely that the business will fail. Sometimes your merchant account services or your accountant will … Continue reading

ROAM Data and Encrypted Mobile Readers: Over 300K Devices Shipped

Although mobile banking and wireless mobile credit card processing have become very popular over the past year or so, there are many consumers that still don’t quite trust the idea. Many people find it difficult to believe that a mobile … Continue reading

Mobile Credit Card Processing: M-Commerce has arrived

Mobile credit card processing has been rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the realm of small business. Entrepreneur reported that in 2008, 26 million U.S. businesses did not accept credit cards. Many of them cited the high processing fees, separate phone … Continue reading

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