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5 Tips to Prevent Chargeback Fraud

There are many laws and regulations to help consumers. Sometimes it seems like merchants are left defenseless. There are ways that a merchant can protect themselves against chargeback fraud. Chargeback is when the customer pays for a good such as … Continue reading

9 Easy Steps to Prevent Credit Card Chargeback Fraud

Credit card fraud is a serious issue for consumers and business owners alike. An increasingly new practice has arisen that’s causing concern for small business and e-businesses alike. It’s known as chargeback fraud, and it’s being performed by seasoned and … Continue reading

Security Breaches: 1 in 4 Americans Have Experienced One This Year

With 25% of Americans experiencing a security breach with their personal and financial data in the past year, it is becoming necessary to learn more about data security and how to safeguard yourself. A new study conducted by the National … Continue reading

Preventing “Chargebacks:” A Retailer’s Nightmare

If you own a business and have invested in credit card processing services, then surely you have been a victim of chargebacks. Chargebacks are basically when a customer disputes a charge and the credit card company comes after the merchant … Continue reading

EMV Chips & Why You Need To Know What They Are

The world of finances is growing and changing every day. With constant modifications in technology (such as Wireless Mobile Credit Card Processing,) the financial world has an added monkey on their back. EMV chips have been emerging in the world … Continue reading

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