Donate Unused Credit Card Reward Points to Your Favorite Charities

dollar and Donation Box             Sometimes you come to realize that your rewards cards are doing more harm than good to your pocket book. Some come with high annual fees and others carry outrageous interest rates. If you decide to transfer your balance to a card that will better help you on the journey to becoming debt-free, what happens to those unused rewards points? Surely, it would be great if after all your effort to save them, they would allow you to receive a reward. However, sometimes you just haven’t earned enough to cash them in for anything worthwhile. Many credit card companies have found the perfect way for your points not to go to waste and you can feel good about it too: the points can go to charity!

            Now every credit card company is going to have a different way of doing this and different requirements, but most stipulations are pretty normal and can even allow you to give truly 100% of your rewards points to the right charity. This means that many credit card companies have jumped in and said they will absorb all the transaction costs so that your rewards points are translated into a dollar amount, and the entire amount goes to the charity of your choice.

            So, now that you know, what are you waiting for? Do those balance transfers right, and give what you can to your favorite charity.

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