Ecommerce and Accepting Credit Cards

Buying and selling online is becoming one of the top ways that business is done in present day. One major part of running an eCommerce store is the ability to accept credit cards. You can do this in a couple of different manners. Here are the top two ways in which businesses accept credit cards for their eCommerce sites.

1) Credit Card Processing Services with Merchant Account Services – Most online stores allow you to check out through a payment gateway created by a credit card processing service provider. This is typically the preferred way to operate an eCommerce store that accepts credit cards. The reasoning behind this is simple. Many eCommerce stores also have physical stores as well. In their physical store it is highly likely that they already accept credit cards. Once they decide to set up an eCommerce store online, they can simply call their credit card processing provider and ask what their options are. There may be some more fees involved, but they already have a trusted credit card processing company by their side to facilitate all of their eCommerce needs.

2) Third-Pary Payment Sites – Third-party payment sites such as Google Checkout and PayPal allow businesses to easily set up a way to accept credit cards online. However, these sites usually take a larger cut than traditional credit card processing services, and the options to withdraw the money are limited. For example, with Paypal, you can transfer funds to your bank account for free, however, it typically takes 3-4 business days, which is an incredibly long time to be waiting for necessary funds.

Have you found a different way to accept credit cards through your eCommerce site? Or does one of these ways work particularly well for you and your business? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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