Lawyers Need Help with Credit Card Processing Services Too

lawyer_jaxWith their keen research and argumentative skills, many people may think that Lawyers have all the answers (or they can at least track them down!) But lawyers are people too, and there are some things they need a little extra help with. Credit card processing services is one of them. Here are some more technical aspects to pay attention to that even lawyers may overlook:

Sign up for Interchange-Plus Pricing – When you do this, it means that your payment processing fees (also called the interchange) is set in stone and the only added fee is the price fee. This is the best way to structure your payments for each charge.

Refrain from Renting your Terminal and other Equipment – This can seem very tempting because the rental and leasing prices are going to be far less than buying them. However, the cost over time can be far more. Also, lease and rental prices can fluctuate unexpectedly, putting you in an unfavorable situation in an instant.

Sales People CAN waive the Cancellation Fee – One thing that is probably in every contract, but completely avoidable is the cancellation fee. This can be hundreds to thousands of dollars and is basically in place to keep customers from jumping ship before their contract runs out. What most people do not know, is that if you simply ask the sales person to waive the fee before you sign the contract, they have the authority to do so.

Skybank Financial is a Miami credit card processing company that services the United States and South America. For any questions or comments, leave a reply below!

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