Mobile Credit Card Processing: M-Commerce has arrived

Mobile credit card processing has been rapidly gaining popularity, especially in the realm of small business. Entrepreneur reported that in 2008, 26 million U.S. businesses did not accept credit cards. Many of them cited the high processing fees, separate phone line, card reader purchase and long-term contracts for keeping their businesses cash only. However, with less and less people carrying much (or any) cash on them these days, it has become increasingly necessary to accept credit cards at your business, or you will continue to lose sales. This is where mobile credit card processing can save the day. Here are the top three industries in which mobile credit card processing may be the right move for your business:

1. Traveling Professionals – Personal trainers, hair stylists, photographers, massage therapists and B2B sales people often travel to their clients. When the client pays, of course cash would be perfect, but sometimes they don’t have it. They can write you a check, but there is always a fear that by the time you get to the bank, it won’t clear and the client will disappear. Mobile credit card processing is an excellent way to open up more payment options, therefore making it simpler to increase business and protect yourself.

2. Delivery Services – With the rise of identity theft, many people feel uncomfortable giving credit card information over the phone. If you have a delivery service of any kind, it could be for your restaurant, retail store or even groceries, you can gain business by taking a mobile credit card processing system to the person’s house when you make the delivery. This way the client feels comfortable, the transaction takes place safely in front of them and you know that they received the product and you received payment.

3. Retail Stores – Although this may seem like a silly example to some, think about how many times you have been helped by a salesperson and then had to wait in a ridiculous line to pay for your item. Retail stores such as Apple, are now outfitting their sales representatives with mobile credit card processing systems, so once you’ve chosen what you want to buy, you don’t have to wait in line to pay for it. The associate can take care of your entire shopping experience right on the spot.

Can you think of any other industries that may benefit from wireless mobile credit card processing? Do you have your own story about mobile credit card processing? Comment and let us know!

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