Mobile Payment Acceptance Fact Sheet released by PCI Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council will not be updating any of its standards until 2013, but they are always trying to offer help, information and guidance to their affiliates needing to become or remain PCI complaint when it comes to credit card processing services. Just recently, they have released their mobile payments acceptance fact sheet to help businesses remain PCI complaint when it comes to wireless mobile credit card processing. This sheet was sent out in an effort to inform users and clarify any misconceptions about accepting payments through tablets and Smartphones.

Being PCI compliant is very important when it comes to this new medium of accepting credit card payments. Consumers and businesses are all a little hesitant to adapt to this new way of accepting payments because to many, it seems like you may become more susceptible to identity theft. However, if businesses that offer credit card processing services through wireless card readers attached to Smartphones or tablets are PCI compliant, there is really little to worry about.

The fact sheet released goes in depth into which card readers are encrypted to the level required for PCI compliance. Bob Russo, General Manager of PCI SSC, told Infosecurity that the fact sheet ““talks about secure card readers or approved PED devices that can be connected to a smartphone or tablet that will encrypt a

payment card as it is being swiped and then use either the phone or the tablet as a transport device to send it to the processor encrypted, so it can be processed, approved, and sent back to the phone in a point-to-point encrypted manner.”

You can view the PCI SSC new acceptance fact sheet for mobile here.

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