ROAM Data and Encrypted Mobile Readers: Over 300K Devices Shipped

Although mobile banking and wireless mobile credit card processing have become very popular over the past year or so, there are many consumers that still don’t quite trust the idea. Many people find it difficult to believe that a mobile payment can be sent on a secure network. ROAM Data is trying hard to put these fears to rest and it’s paying off. With over 300,000 encrypted mobile readers shipped as of August 2011, ROAM Data is the #1 provider of these devices.

By simply looking at images of the ROAM Data mobile readers’ internal architecture, it is clearly more detailed & carefully constructed than that of its competitors, such as Square and Paypal. Simply the visual can give some customers peace of mind, but ROAM Data aims to go further than that, so that consumers at ever level of mCommerce knowledge (always consult your merchant account services for more info) feel comfortable and confident investing in ROAM Data’s mobile reader. The reader ROAM Data provides works with the Android, iPhone and Blackberry and is also PCI Compliant, which is a huge plus. Also, this reader encrypts the data BEFORE it actually reaches the phone, preventing the possibility of the information being skimmed. Other mobile reader devices cannot make the same claim.

Will Graylin, CEO & founder of ROAM Data had this to say, as reported by BostInno: “Some may deflect this problem as a general mag-stripe issue, and some have argued for chip cards or other more secure means to be implemented…The reality is that, for a variety of reasons, mag stripes in our wallets will be around for a long time to come, (we have not even gotten rid of cash yet after decades of trying) – Therefore, those providing payment services with mag stripe have a serious responsibility to make their services as secure as they possibly can, to reduce fraud and build trust in the system as a whole. ROAM has taken the steps to do so, and will continue to innovate and lead on providing secure solutions, be they mag stripe, EMV or NFC.”

ROAM Data projects that they will ship more than 1 million devices by August 2012.


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