Electronic Checks & ACH

Accepting checks is now as easy as accepting credit cards by automating check acceptance at the point of sale.

With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed and deposited into your merchant account.

That means:

  Eliminate bounced checks
  Avoid lengthy trips to the bank
  Reduced bank fees
  Less paperwork.

ACH (eCheck)

  Verify the bank routing number, account numbers along with the consumer information against a positive and negative database to ensure the check writer does not have unresolved returned checks
  Setup recurring bank drafts and process payments from clients using the bank account information
  Reduce chargeback timeframes
  Reduce processing fees by avoiding Interchange

Electronic Check Guarantee

  Reduce check-handling time and costs, streamline back-office processes, minimize errors, speed funding and offer customers greater security
  Eliminate bounced checks. Our systems guarantees approvals up to $35,000
  Convert checks to electronic transactions to avoid trips to the Bank
  Improve cash flow and streamline back-office operations

Mobile Check Acceptance

  Easily authorize and deposit all types of checks and money orders by using your smartphone or tablet
  Check writer signs the disclosure notice on the mobile device, then hands the check over to merchant
  Merchant takes picture of front and back of check, and enters the amount and ID information
  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and image quality is performed on check image
  SkyBank conducts risk assessment and issues approval or decline decision
  Merchant is funded within two banking days

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