Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

Generate Cash Flow

  Consumers spend more than value om card
  Unredeemed cards create instant revenue
  Plastic Versus Paper Certificates are:
  • Easier to use & better looking
  • Portable "billboards" in every wallet
  • Easier to track

Create Impulse Sales

  Create unplanned purchases
  Produce packaging that stands out
  Capitalize on in-store opportunities
  Bring back existing customers

Bring in the Next Customer

  Consumers can give as gifts to:
  • Co-workers
  • Family & Friends
  • Holidays & Birthdays
  Generate word of mouth advertising
  Reach new marketplaces

Proactive Marketing

  Pre-load card for $5-$10
  Reward loyal customers at the time of purchase
  Mail them out to customers
  Pass out as promotional items

Produce Breakage Revenue

  Increase revenue with no additional inventory purchase
  Often, some of the value never gets used!
  Generate more revenue through unredeemed cards that are: LOST or FORGOTTEN

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Merchant Services

Partner Program

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