The Cupcake and Yogurt Craze

In 2011 the ultimate food craze had to be the springing up of frozen yogurt shops and cupcake eateries around the country. Today you can’t drive for more than 10 miles and not be tempted to walk into one of these places, especially in a city like Miami, but what’s the big deal anyway? (Just for the record, not having Miami merchant services can be a BIG deal!)

Many people think that they’re just a trend, while others think they are a staple that is here to stay. Whatever side you’re on you have to be wondering – why are they so popular?

  • Sometimes you just want one cupcake, just one. If you make a batch at home it’s difficult to have just one.
  • Frozen yogurt’s been around for a while, but it hasn’t been presented to us in such an innovative way until recently. It’s pretty cool to be able to choose from twenty frozen yogurt flavors and then go up to a fruit/candy bar and pick the toppings you want.
  • The specialty cupcakes that these shops possess are what keep us coming back for more.
  • Frozen-yogurt is diet friendly, especially with all the fruit topping options that are available at froyo locations.
  • Both kinds of shops offer you plenty of different choices. If you’re in the mood for one mini-chocolate cupcake and one mini-vanilla cupcake, you can order each of them at the cupcake shop down the street. If you want to mix cookies and cream and red velvet frozen yogurt together, you can do that at a frozen yogurt shop.

We may not know if they’re here to stay but one thing is for sure, they’re going to need restaurant credit card processing to remain such a lucrative trend.

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