The Top Three Apps to Manage your Small Business Finances

When you run a small business, the finances are one of the most important aspects of running the company. If your finances aren’t organized, it’s likely that the business will fail. Sometimes your merchant account services or your accountant will take care of this, but it’s always good practice to keep your own records. But if you’re constantly on the go then it can be near impossible to keep track of all expenditures. Well, with the rise of the Smartphone, many apps have been created to help you manage your small business finances no matter where you are. Here are our top three picks for small business finance apps:

1. inDinero – This nifty app helps you keep track of all the every day expense, even the things you may not think about, such as the three dollars in quarters you put in the parking meter while visiting a client. It also pulls information from different bank accounts that you link to the app, so it will automatically take the charges you make on those cards and compile them in the apps dashboard.

2. Expensify – Filing expense reports is never easy, and it can be very tedious to go through tons of receipts every time you finally get your act together and try to put together your report on time. Expensify can lessen the pain by allowing you to take photos of your receipts, and then the app turns all of them into a neat, little report detailing all expenses. Brilliant!

3. FreshBooks FreshBooks is going to be your new best friend if you have to process a lot of invoices. They’ve created an automated system to help you create invoices simply and quickly. It even works with service industries processing. Anything they can’t take care of, their partners, which include inDinero and Expensify, will help.

Have you found a different app for finances that you just can’t live without as a small business owner? Comment and tell us about it!


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