Tips: Saving Money in 2012

We all know that how we used to save money is no longer relevant. The economy has been stuck in a downward spiral for many people for quite some time now, so the old tricks to save money are no longer good enough. There is a need for more relevant tips that consumers living in the year 2012 can abide by to save cash. Here are some of the best ones:

1) Do Not Be Ashamed to Use Coupons – It’s easy to remember the days when the 85 year old lady with 60 coupons in front of you was just the most obnoxious situation in the world. However, couponing has become so popular, there are even reality shows based completely upon it. The fact is, even the people that were not hit as hard by the economic woes of the past several years are still learning to cut corners, even if it just on their vacation expenses, or little Jane’s equestrian lessons. Look for coupons and use them when you can. Even a few extra dollars saved, is a few extra dollars you can use toward another bill, or even a fun night out.

2) Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Do not Hold the Same Negative Stigma – For most of your life, it’s likely that you were taught that bankruptcy and foreclosure were simply aspects of life that were only for the lowest, laziest people in existence trying to slough off their bad investments on the banks that trusted them. However, long-term, hardworking professionals that have been laid off have been forced to foreclose on their homes or declare bankruptcy just to keep their head above water. Although these are still options you probably hope to never explore, remember that it is better than living on the streets and still sending your credit card payments on time. Keep your priorities straight, and bow out of the race when you know you cannot win.

3) Take a Mini-Calculator with you Everywhere – While it may seems silly to run around the grocery store with a little calculator, what looks more silly is putting back multiple items at the checkout line because you cannot pay for them. (Remember payment processing services can increase prices.) Taking a small calculator with you, or using one on your cell phone, can be very helpful in allowing you to estimate the cost of your purchase, so there are no surprises at the register.

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