Top 5 New Years resolutions for small businesses

As the year comes to an end there is no better time to reflect on the past 12 months and make the necessary adjustments to improve your business and learn from your mistakes. Most business owners set new goals and resolutions to start the new year fresh. (Adding credit card processing services to your business, perhaps?) Here are the top new years resolutions for small businesses. What are your new year resolutions?

1. Become more local. With the new technology created by the many apps on smart phones, becoming local is a most! Join yelp, four squares and check in to make your business more accessible to your local clients.

2. Delegate! Us business owners are wired differently. We have superpowers and can do everything better then everyone else – or so we think. Want to reduce your workload, stress and get more done? Delegate! Most employees know what they have to do but don’t usually do it since you do not put priority on certain tasks. Start delegating in a better way. Find your priorities and focus on them from very important to mildly important.

3. Go mobile! The mobile community has increased immensely these past couple of years and many companies are taking advantage of the fact. Optimize your business for mobile searches; most Google searches are made my mobile devices.

4. Lower merchant fees. Merchant Account Services can be pricey. Just because you have been going to the same bank for over 5 years doesn’t mean they have your best interest at heart, at the end of the day they are the middle man between your business and credit card processing company. Get a better rate, search and shop; you have no idea how much money you could be saving. Contact Us today for a free quote and statement analysis.

5. Go green! Make your business a green business. Most clients are attracted by businesses that do good and what better way then by being green. You do not have to go to Cambodia and plant a tree to be green, its as simple as recycling and using recycled goods.

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