Top 5 Reasons to accept Mobile Payments

Wireless Mobile Credit Card Processing is fairly new in the processing industry and it is creating a buzz. Mobile processing can be done via a smart phone or a tablet making processing that much more convenient and portable. Through the use of apps or applications there is no need for the clunky machines used prior to this new technology. Here are other reasons why mobile credit card processing should be obtained by your business.

1.     Faster processing: Most accounts are processed the same day or the following day.

2.     Portability: with mobile processing you can accept credit cards basically anywhere! This is perfect for those businesses that are always at different locations and need the access of credit card processing services. Service providers like consultants, accountants, contractors and all business owners on the go can highly benefit from mobile credit processing.

3.     Low cost: no need to purchase extra machinery or pay a monthly fee on them! If you have a smart phone a tablet or a laptop you can process as long as you have Internet access. All you need is to download an application provided by SkyBank.

4.     Secure transactions:   Data is encrypted using the most secure technology. Your information is securely transmitted with the reassurance that no one will steal nor see your credit card information.

5.     Increase sales:  no need to wait! If they have a credit card it can be processed immediately. Most people now days do not carry cash nor checks making mobile credit card processing that much more convenient.

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