Ways to Save Money on a Business Trip

Many people who travel on business have to pay for it up front and then fill out an expense report. Even if they do have a business credit card that can be utilized for their trip, only certain things qualify as business expenses, so many people will overspend out of their own pocket, simply because they are out of town. Being out of your element is the quickest way to overspend. Payment processing services can also contribute to the high prices in tourist areas. For example, Phoenix credit card processing will affect the price of things differently than other areas. So what’s the simplest way to save while on a business trip? Here are a few great tips on how to keep spending down, and keep the hard earned money from your business trip in your pocket.

1) Combine Trips When Possible – If your company is planning to send you to New York on Saturday for five days and then over to Georgia on the following Saturday, try to work remotely from New York for the extra two days in the week and save on a plane ticket. Even if this is something the company pays for anyway, they will appreciate your savvy-ness and when it comes time for a raise, they will remember the employees that tried hard to save them money.

2) Avoid Using Hotel Services – Hotels typically offer dry-cleaning and laundry services, room service, hotel spa trips and other amenities. Try to avoid using these amenities, as they will always cost far more at the hotel than a local shop. Take your laundry to the nearest neighborhood laundry mat or dry cleaner and stop by the grocery store for drinks and snacks for your room rather than raiding the mini-bar.

3) Consider a Corporate Apartment or a Suite-Based Hotel – If you are traveling to the same place a lot, ask your boss to consider purchasing a corporate apartment in the area. It may be more cost-effective than continuing to rent a hotel room so often. Also, hotels that offer apartment-style suites often work as a timeshare, so their rates are considerably lower, and you will also have access to a kitchen, which can help cut down on costly dinners out.

Do you travel on business often? How do you control your spending? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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