Why Miami Businesses Choose Skybank Financial

MiamiMiami businesses are flocking to Skybank Financial for all of their payment processing services. The reason is clear: Skybank Financial offers the widest range of services and does so at the lowest cost. The services are compatible with both large and small businesses and everything in between. Each client is assigned to a personalized account representative, and this applies to small businesses as well. 

Skybank Financial Welcomes First Time Users
Those businesses that have never had a Miami credit card processing before are given special attention. Setting up a new account is both easy and free. Unlike other payment processing services companies, Skybank Financial has their support services available 24 hours a day for all 365 days of the year. New applications are processed quickly and are often approved the same day. Next day funding is typical for both Visa and MasterCard.

A New Service For the Small Business Owner
Many businesses have not been able to use Miami credit card processing because they conduct so much of their business outside of a traditional brick and mortar type building. Businesses that operate at trade shows, flea markets and swap meets have had no opportunity to take credit cards. With Skybank Financial, a business can accept credit cards without a traditional terminal connected to the phone line or the Internet. Basically, a business owner uses a smartphone with an attachment that allows the credit card to be swiped. The addition of credit card processing app and a merchant account and a mobile system is complete.

For a business on the move, Miami credit card processing couldn’t be easier. This type of service is excellent for those who go to a home or business to provide a service. The ability to accept popular credit cards can help to increase sales for a small business. Studies show that when consumers are offered the option of using a credit card they will spend more money. Because Skybank Financial makes it so easy to begin offering the credit card payment option, increased revenue is only a phone call away. Applications for an account can also be done on the Internet.

Traditional Brick and Mortar Businesses Benefit as Well
For businesses that are operating out of a storefront, it is all but mandatory to accept credit cards as a form of payment, but if the business is new, it can be confusing to decide which payment processing services to use. For a new business, it is best to start a search with Skybank Financial. They offer the most modern terminal equipment in the industry and will help set up everything. A business will be online with their payment processing account quickly. For the business that already has an account with another processing company, it may save money to switch to Skybank Financial. Their merchant rates begin as low as 0.89 percent. These low rates combined with their personalized and timely service mean a company is getting the best deal in the industry. They will also be able to process American Express and Discover card along with Visa and MasterCard.

Other Services from Skybank Financial
Other services that make Skybank Financial a preferred payment processing services company are such things as chargeback resolution. No merchant likes to see a chargeback on a sale made with a credit card, but the truth is that it happens from time to time. Skybank Financial offers a resolution service to help a business in this situation. On top of that, the service is free. Once an account is set up, a business will be able to access free software online that allows an account to be managed. This program is easy to use and has many helpful features.

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